Load image into Gallery viewer, OMI PEMF Ring - PEMF Therapy Device
Load image into Gallery viewer, OMI PEMF Ring - PEMF Therapy Device
Load image into Gallery viewer, OMI PEMF Ring - PEMF Therapy Device
Load image into Gallery viewer, OMI PEMF Ring - PEMF Therapy Device

OMI PEMF Ring - PEMF Therapy Device

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OMI PEMF Ring - PEMF Therapy Device

The OMI PEMF Ring is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy device that aids in improving cellular function and overall health. It operates by sending magnetic energy waves into the body, which interact with the body's natural magnetic field. These waves promote the increase of electrolytes and ions, leading to beneficial electrical changes at the cellular level and improving cellular metabolism. The innovative ring shape of the device has been designed for treating joint issues in your legs, neck, shoulder, knees, ankles and elbows in a way that a traditional PEMF mat cannot. Using the OMI PEMF Ring for a few minutes per day can support your body's natural healing processes and potentially reduce chronic pain.

Included in the package are the applicator (a ring-shaped PEMF device), a control unit for adjusting settings, a DC adapter for powering the device, and a user manual for guidance. The device weighs approximately 2.8 pounds and has dimensions of 11.4 x 11.4 x 3.9 inches. The applicator is constructed from PU leather and polifoam to ensure durability and comfort.

On the technical front, the OMI PEMF Ring has an 11-inch diameter and a net weight of 2.11 pounds. It uses a DC adapter for its power source. The device offers three distinct programs: The P1 program varies the frequency from 3 Hz to 38 Hz and then resets; the P2 program continually changes frequency between 1-99 Hz; and the P3 program allows users to set their preferred frequency level.

  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 11.4 x 3.9 inches (29 x 29 x 10cm)
  • Weight: Gross weight: 2.8 lb (1.3 kg); Net weight: 2.11 lb (0.96kg)
  • Includes: Annular-shaped PEMF applicator, Control unit, DC adapter, User manual
  • Power Source: DC adapter
  • Add-ons: Customizable frequency settings (P1, P2, P3 programs), Applicator material: PU leather and polifoam
  • Frequency Options: P1: 3 Hz to 38 Hz (gradual increase and reset); P2: Random frequency changes between 1-99 Hz; P3: User-defined frequency level
  • Diameter: 11 inches (28cm)

What's the difference between the OMI Beyond Powerband and the OMI PEMF Ring?

The OMI Beyond Powerband is better suited for recovering from rotator cuff surgeries and other similar situations as it is stronger and is easier to fit around the target area of the body.

The OMI Beyond Powerband strength is 1200 microTesla (equal to 12 Gauss), while the OMI PEMF Ring strength is 220 microTesla (equal to 2.2 Gauss).

The powerband does require you to download an app (IOS/Android) to use the device where as the OMI PEMF Ring doesn't.

Is this device covered by health insurance?

Unfortunately, this device is not covered by health insurance.