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Prism Light Pod Red Light Therapy Bed

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Prism Light Pod Red Light Therapy Bed

The Most Powerful, Energy Efficient and Automated Award-Winning Red Light Bed

The innovative design behind Prism Light Pod has made it the most powerful, energy efficient and 100% automated whole-body red light therapy system in the industry that speeds recovery up to 10 times faster than your body’s natural process. Prism Light Pod sessions are fully optimized, safe, non-invasive and 100% unattended for the most-effective mitochondrial wellness. Prism Light Pod's patent-pending power distribution technology also makes Prism the only light pod in the industry to support a standard 110V electrical power in North America and 220V for international installations.


The Prism Light Pod is designed and built with industrial-strength, ergonomics, and visual appeal. It includes co-branding with your company logo at no extra cost.

Customers find it highly-attractive and supports full-size patients: 92″ length x 44 1/2″ width x 48″ high (when opened).

  • Industrial steel frame with heavy-duty spring suspensions (not hydraulic poles)
  • Light Pod weighs approx. 320 lbs
  • Supports up to a 400 lbs person
  • Includes an LED display console
  • Built-in oscillating fan
  • Built-in iPod/iPhone holder for music
  • Includes protective eye wear and head rest

Prism Light Pod is 100% unattended, user-operated and no administration is required. There are six optimized lightwave irradiance settings (frequencies and intensities) so you don’t have to be an expert in photobiomodulation.

These six patient use-cases are 15-minute sessions, pre-programmed and automated for:

  • Speeds Performance Recovery
  • Reducing Chronic Pain
  • Faster Injury & Wound Healing
  • Soothing Arthritis & Joint Pain
  • Promoting Anti-Aging & Skin Toning
  • Weight-Loss Management



The Prism Light Pod is the market's top photobiomodulation device, offering:

  • 100 milliwatts per square centimetre maximum irradiance
  • The deepest red light penetration, with LED lights half an inch below and 1-3 inches above the body
  • 14,000 industrial-strength red and near-infrared LED lights with 360-degree optimised lightwave coverage at 630nm, 660nm, and 850nm
  • Six automated irradiance settings that have been optimised for "unattended" use
  • A pending patent protects proprietary software and power optimization


Red light therapy has a long history, dating back to the 1970s when NASA used it to keep astronauts healthy in space. Several prestigious medical research institutions, including Harvard, MIT, Tufts, and Wisconsin University, have investigated the therapeutic benefits of red light therapy, which is said to improve cellular function. Over 3,000 studies and articles published by the National Institute of Health have validated the effectiveness of red light therapy in treating a variety of health issues in both humans and animals.

Prior to the mid-2000s, red light therapy was only available via handheld devices. Prism Light Pod was one of the early companies to develop full-body red light therapy systems, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM) systems.

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