Load image into Gallery viewer, OMI PEMF MiniMat / Chair Mat - 24" x 16" PEMF Therapy Pad
Load image into Gallery viewer, OMI PEMF MiniMat / Chair Mat - 24" x 16" PEMF Therapy Pad

OMI PEMF MiniMat / Chair Mat - 24" x 16" PEMF Therapy Pad

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OMI PEMF MiniMat / Chair Mat - 24" x 16" PEMF Therapy Pad

Quick Overview

  • Alleviates chronic pain
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Enhances overall mental and physical well-being
  • Uses low-frequency electromagnetic fields
  • Boosts circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Neutralizes harmful EMFs from electronic devices
  • Easy-to-use, customizable programs
  • Effective solution for managing pain and improving bone health

Full Description

The OMI PEMF MiniMat is a premium magnetic field therapy chair mat created for natural healing and mental well-being. It is a 24-inch by 16-inch pad made in Europe and is FDA Registered and CE certified.

This therapy device can potentially provide chronic pain relief, bolster bone health, enhance sleep quality, treat specific neurological conditions, and support overall mental health. A key function of the OMI PEMF MiniMat is to improve micro-circulation in the body, reduce inflammation, and speed up recovery processes. Additionally, it can neutralize the negative effects of harmful electromagnetic fields from electronics.

When using the OMI PEMF MiniMat, users won't experience any heating or vibration. The mat produces low-intensity, low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields that aim to restore the blocked ion flow and stimulate the body's regeneration processes. It's designed to improve cellular health and increase circulation in blood vessels.

The package includes the PEMF pad, a control unit, a DC adapter, and a user manual. The pad is crafted from PU leather and polifoam for durability and comfort. It offers three programs for frequency adjustment, with a frequency range of 1-99 Hz. With the OMI PEMF MiniMat, users have a straightforward tool for potential health improvement.

Common questions & Objections

Is this device covered by health insurance?

Unfortunately, this device is not covered by health insurance.

Does it really work for pain relief and other health benefits?

The OMI PEMF MiniMat is FDA Registered and CE certified, using low-frequency electromagnetic fields to boost circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote natural healing, with many users experiencing significant improvements in pain management and overall well-being.

Is it safe to use electromagnetic fields on my body?

The OMI PEMF MiniMat is designed to produce low-intensity, low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields, which are safe and non-invasive, with no heating or vibration, and is CE certified and FDA registered for your peace of mind.

Is it difficult to operate?

The OMI PEMF MiniMat comes with an easy-to-use control unit, three pre-set frequency programs, and a comprehensive user manual, making it simple and straightforward for anyone to use.

Is it worth the investment?

Considering its multiple health benefits, including pain relief, improved sleep quality, and enhanced mental and physical well-being, the OMI PEMF MiniMat offers significant value as a long-term investment in your health.

How quickly will I see results?

While individual results may vary, many users report feeling improvements in circulation and pain relief within a few weeks of regular use, as the device works to naturally stimulate the body's healing processes.

Is it comfortable and durable?

Made from durable PU leather and polifoam, the OMI PEMF MiniMat is designed for both longevity and comfort, ensuring you can use it regularly without any discomfort.

OMI PEMF MiniMat Overview

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  • Dimensions: 24 x 16 inch (60 x 40 cm) 


  • Applicator: PEMF pad 24" x 16"
  • Control unit
  • User manual
  • Technical specifications


  • Three pre-set frequency programs: P1, P2, P3
  • Frequency range: 1-99 Hz
  • Maximum intensity: 210 microtesla or 2 Gauss.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Clair Mcentee
enjoy it so far

The product has significantly improved my wellbeing and I'm looking to research some more PEMF products as I'm definitely not an expert on it

William Brown
great device

landed at my door just a week after my order went through. Their team kept me in the loop with updates from the moment I ordered, which was a nice touch. I've had it for a bit now, trying it out in various ways to see what fits best with my routine. The instructions were straightforward, but I've also thrown in a bit of personal experimentation to mix things up. Loving the experience so far.